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I Hate Luv Stories

The film starts with Simran (Sonam Kapoor), who wakes up to make a romantic movie. She loves luv storys; so much so that even her life has begun to resemble one. With her ideal job and the perfect fiancé named Raj (Sameer Dattani), she lives a blissful, dreamy life. One that is rudely interrupted by Jay. Jay (Imran Khan) is an assistant to a director who is famous for his love story films; however, Jay hates love stories. He believes love is nothing but a "sickness" which must be cured.
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Badmaash Company

Badmaash Company is a story set in 1994 in middle class Bombay. Four ordinary youngsters, Karan (Shahid Kapoor), Bulbul (Anushka Sharma), Zing (Meiyang Ch?ng) and Chandu (Vir Das), graduate from college and decide to start a "business" smuggling in foreign goods to India, thereby avoiding the heavy import taxes. Calling their venture "Friends and Company", they proceed to make a large fortune, smuggling expensive foreign goods in from Bangkok. After the government in India decides to reduce import duty on foreign packaged goods, the friends decide to go to America. Karan and Bulbul fall in love, and Karan leaves home when his father finds out that he is working with a smuggler. Later Karan becomes too greedy and the group begins to break up. Karan tells Zing that his drinking is embarrassing the group. Bulbul leaves when she finds out that Karan married another woman for a green card.
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House Full

The first half of the film spends considerable time developing the character of Arush (Akshay Kumar), whom we see leaving his job to go back to stay with his best buddy Bob (Ritesh Deshmukh) and his wife Hetal (Lara Dutta), two casino employees in London. Arush's unwelcome gatecrash turns the life of the couple upside down with his bad luck rubbing off into their home.
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