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  • Actor/Actress
    Sanjay Dutt Vikram
    Bipasha Basu Aziza
    Anupam Kher Haji
    Kunal Kapoor Aatif
    Vipin Sharma Kapoor
    Yashpal Sharma Rauff
    Shernaz Patel Parveena
    Tejaskumar Shah Jehangir
    Yuri Suri Pasha
    Shalini Soni Female terrorist


Karisma Kapoor was finalized to play the female lead in the film, but she opted out at the last minute because she feared shooting in the troubled Kashmir valley where a significant part of the film was going to be shot. Bipasha Basu, Ameesha Patel and Sonam Kapoor were considered for the same role, but Basu was eventually finalized to play the female lead.

Filming and post-production

Filming began in Kashmir on October 25, 2008. During November 2008, Bipasha Basu left the shooting of the film hours before Sanjay Dutt landed in Srinagar to start shooting with her but she left without informing the unit. They then decided to shoot the action sequences in Manali instead. After Basu's abrupt departure, producer Bunty Walia and director Rahul Dholakia asked Basu to arrive on the set on January 4, 2009 and that they would cast Vidya Balan as a replacement in case she does not comply. Basu then arrived on the specified date after security arrangements were tightened and explained that she got scared in Kashmir after the crowd gathering became uncontrollable.During May 2009, Rahul Dholakia collapsed on the sets and shooting was delayed upto 25 May after doctors advised Dholakia bed rest for one month.